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Canyon Tours

We offer the following tours of Antelope Canyon.  Prior to participating in tours,  participants and participants of minor children must complete and sign a liablity waiver.  The liability waiver can be completed during online booking or printed out (click on button at bottom of page to view and print).  Prices below do not include tax.

Basic Tour

Average Tour Time: 2.5 Hours

$70 for participants 12 and under
$90 for participants 13 and older

Delve deep into the depths of Antelope Canyon with Lester Littleman (Company Co-Owner).  Follow him through the twists, turns, and narrow passages as he explains the history and mysticism behind the canyon.  Guests may bring cell phone cameras.

Professional Photography Tour

Average Tour Time: 2.5 Hours

$125 per person + $125 media fee per tour

In this tour, professional photographers can bring their equipment and crew into the canyon to capture special events such as weddings and graduations.  Tours will be led by Lester Littleman.  Before booking, photographers must obtain a special use permit per the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Rules.  Participants must also sign a photo/film agreement.  Drones are not permitted in Navajo parks.



Please be advised that canyon tours may be physically challenging and strenuous at times.  During the tours, participates will be climbing up and down ladders,  using ropes to descend down steep cliffs, walking through narrow passages, and overlooking heights.  Guests are encouraged to assess their own physical limitations prior to booking tours.

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